CyberRisk Alliance Launches CyberCept, a Powerful Intelligence Platform for Cybersecurity Marketers

Published on
April 23, 2024

New York, NY, April 23, 2024 – CyberRisk Alliance, the leading business intelligence platform serving the cybersecurity community, has launched CyberCept, its unified data and intelligence engine. CyberCept captures, collects and unifies user and usage data of its opted-in 1st party users across its entire brand portfolio. Having a single record of truth for each of its users allows CRA to craft omni-channel, integrated solutions for its clients based on their prospects' content, consumption and behavioral patterns. This equates to better intent signals that enables cybersecurity marketers to refine their targeting strategies by identifying and engaging with potential buyers at key stages of the buying cycle.

CyberCept's content and consumption data comes from its 2.5M first party users creating unique scope and depth within the Cyber Security market. CyberCept processes vast amounts of first-party data which can be combined with 3rd party data to extract meaningful buying signals. These intent signals are used to identify potential buyers from users and accounts who are just browsing or early in their discovery. This allows for funnel-based audience segment strategies and is a powerful tool for marketers to better personalize and connect with key prospects within their customer journey.  

“We’re sitting on a wealth of 1st party data at CyberRisk Alliance,” notes Marcus Witte, Executive Vice President, CRA Connect and CyberCept. “From some of the most trusted digital brands in cybersecurity such as SC Media, MSSP Alert, and Security Weekly, to the largest cybersecurity event portfolio we have millions of users engaging with us – creating unique insight we can share with our clients to help them make smarter decisions on their go-to-market strategies.”

Among the insights CyberCept provides:  

  • Refined Targeting: Create funnel-based audience segments to home in on ideal audiences, ensuring marketing efforts reach and engage the right targets.
  • Optimized Content Strategy: Utilize key accounts' content consumption and behaviors to inform and craft content that connects with prospects by speaking to their challenges and interests.
  • Campaign Design and Execution: Reach and engage cybersecurity buyers through deterministic, omni-channel campaigns that connect and intersect prospects within their customer journey based on their buyer signals.

CyberCept was designed to help cybersecurity marketers navigate an increasingly complex and fragmented industry. “Our clients face many challenges – budget constraints, pressures on ROI, overly broad campaign goals, and the right marketing mix to reach cybersecurity buyers,” says Witte. “What’s so exciting is that CyberCept provides a single view of our users and how they are engaging with us across our entire portfolio of brands and products, allowing us to see where our clients’ prospects are most engaged and use that intelligence to build cost-effective omni-channel solutions that deliver results.”

For more information on CyberCept andto learn how it can transform your cybersecurity marketing strategy, visit:

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