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CyberRisk Alliance provides business intelligence that helps the cybersecurity ecosystem connect, share knowledge, accelerate careers, and make smarter and faster decisions. Through our trusted information brands, network of experts, and innovative events, we provide cybersecurity professionals with actionable insights and act as a powerful extension of cybersecurity marketing teams.

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CyberCept Platform

CyberCept is CRA’s Unified Data and Intelligence Engine that captures, collects, and unifies user and usage data across our portfolio of brands and products to power advanced analytics and insights.

Our clients then leverage that data to validate, calibrate, and improve their ability to reach their cybersecurity target buyers in the right places, in the right format, at the right time, with the right message.

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There is the reality among organizations of haves and have nots: larger better-resourced organizations from highly regulated industries, and smaller resource-starved companies whose business leadership doesn't understand IT risk outside of compliance. Having a forum where cybersecurity executives from all sizes and maturity levels can share knowledge and experience is our only hope to battle our ever-advancing, and more organized, cyber threats.

CISO, Carolina Complete Health

Rick Doten

CRA is extremely easy to work with in that they’ll handle all the heavy lifting for all aspects of the program, including content development and execution. Their subject matter expertise and understanding of the cybersecurity professional ensures that the content development is targeted and delivers results that see their audience engaging with our brand in a meaningful way.

Marketing Program Manager, Sophos

Eunice Leung

We all face similar problems securing our companies from an evolving and growing cyber-threat landscape. Learning from peers in other industries helps me develop pragmatic solutions that my company and our customers can benefit from.

CIO, American Family Insurance

Shledon Cuffie

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SC Awards

The SC Awards are cybersecurity’s most prestigious award program honoring outstanding innovations, organizations and leaders.

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Women in IT Security

The Women in IT Security program recognizes female information security professionals who have made exceptional contributions to the cybersecurity field.

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