What is CyberCept Unified Data and Intelligence Engine?

CyberCept is CRA’s Unified Data and Intelligence Engine. It captures, collects and unifies user and usage data across our portfolio of brands and products.

How to Apply CyberCept Data to Your Business

Test Your Assumptions

Are your marketing strategies based on solid data? With CyberCept, challenge and validate your foundational assumptions about customer profiles, content effectiveness, and targeting accuracy. CyberCept uses first-party, cybersecurity-specific data from millions of engagements to provide deep insights into buyer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns.

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Content Services

CyberCept empowers you overcome content challenges such as expertise scarcity and resource limitations, and craft compelling content that not only engages but also converts. From validating content ideas to refining engagement strategies, our platform ensures your content aligns perfectly with your audience's needs.

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Campaign Design and Execution

CyberCept helps you tackle common challenges like message inconsistency across diverse channels, audience engagement in a cluttered information space, and the complex task of measuring campaign effectiveness. CyberCept provides deep insights into audience behavior and preferences, enabling precise targeting and real-time campaign optimization.

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How it Works

We use this engine to power advanced analytics and insights about your targets and their behaviors and build powerful, influential programs that maximize your investments and surround your targets with omnichannel messaging.

Using the right data, you can validate, calibrate, and improve your ability to reach your cybersecurity targets in the right places, in the right format, at the right time with the right message.

We work together to define your business objective and budgetary constraints.
You provide us with your target account list, ideal customer profile and/or filtering parameters.
We run your targets through CyberCept to identify patterns, behaviors, trends, channel and product insights.
We share campaign, performance, and pacing reports on a regular cadence with your team.
CyberCept output is used to design an integrated, omnichannel solution built from our entire portfolio of events and media properties to help further qualify that audience and influence them toward your organization’s point of view.

Why CyberCept?

Our first-party data is cybersecurity-specific, built from millions of engagements with cybersecurity professionals across our wide array of products, solutions and events, which allows you to tap into unique insights on their specific wants and needs.

CyberRisk Alliance invests in cybersecurity-specific content and analysis, meaning you get to tap into and benefit automatically from a community-sourced, data-validated, always-on audience strategy.

Our reporting drills down to both account team and individual levels and produces intelligence about their affinities, touchpoints, and funnel progression.

We're Here to Help

From news, analysis, and insight, to events, communities, custom content and marketing solutions, the CyberRisk Alliance portfolio provides support to the entire cybersecurity ecosystem. We'd love to help support your goals.